Pete Davenport
Season(s) 1, 2, & 3 (with the first episode of season 4 being his last)
First seen "Pilot"
Last seen "Slay"
Appeared in 34 episodes (see below)
Mentioned in
Biographical Information
Title(s) Coach
Physical Information
Status Deceased
Age Late 30s to Early 40s
Gender Male
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Skin Color White
Familial Information
Spouse Lionel Davenport (ex-wife)
Children Ahsha Hayes (daughter)
Occupation Coach for the Devils basketball team (formerly)
Home California
Loyalty Devils basketball team
Portrayed By
Actor Dean Cain

Coach Pete Davenport is a major character in the character in the first season of Hit the Floor. He is played by Dean Cain and debuts in "Pilot". He had a brief relationship with Sloane Hayes and they had Ahsha. He is walking intimidation, fried by life, with a low tolerance for annoyance, struggling with the aftermath of a painful divorce, he manages to be the new coach for the Devils basketball team.


Coach Davenport is the brand new coach for the Devils basketball team, and he makes no bones about the fact that he hates being a judge at the Devil Girls tryouts. Coach Davenport remembers Sloane from her days as a Devil, when they were both younger and got into lots of trouble together. (Pilot)