Raquel Saldana
Season(s) 3
First seen "Pilot"
Last seen "Til Death Do Is Part"
Appeared in 33 episodes (see below)
Mentioned in
Biographical Information
Title(s) Former Devil Girl
Physical Information
Status Deceased
Age 20s
Gender Female
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Green
Skin Color Tan
Familial Information
Children Miguel
Occupation Devil Girl - Former
Home Los Angeles, California
Loyalty Devil Girls
Portrayed By
Actor Valery Ortiz

Raquel Saldana a major character in the first season of Hit the Floor. Raquel was a former Devil Girls and is played by Valery Ortiz and debuts in "Pilot". She has a 4 year old son named Miguel


As emotional as a telenovela heroine and twice as drama-plagued, sweet and friendly despite her travails.


Raquel was a Devil Girl whose life is complicated by her 4 year old son, Miguel, and the fact that Miguel's dad, her ex, is a deadbeat bully who's also the manager of half the players on the Devils. Raquel is friends (as much as one can be) with the tyrannical Jelena, but makes the mistake of speaking out against her and facing her wrath.Because she spoke out, she didn't make the new team. She then becomes the hostess of the Devil's playground. Nevertheless, Raquel has befriended Ahsha, a relationship they both draw strength from. (Pilot)