==Hit The Floor Episodes==

Season OneEdit

# Title Airdate
01 Pilot May 27, 2013
Asha Hayes tries out for the L.A. Devil Girls cheer-leading squad against her mother's wishes. Pete Davenport, former All-Star player for the L.A. Devils, comes back to coach the team, and despite his wishes ends up having to judge for the new cheer-leading squad. We also learn that Pete and Ahsha's mother, Sloane, had a relationship when she was a Devil Girl and he was a player.
02 Game On June 3, 2013
After overhearing a conversation between Pete and Sloane, Jelena discovers that Pete is actually Ahsha's father.
03 Out Of Bounds June 10, 2013
Ahsha is mad at her mother Sloane for keeping the identity of her father from her her entire life and cuts her off. Olivia gets contacted by Mia via email. 
04 Rebound June 17, 2013
The Devil Girls do a calendar photo-shoot with Jelena offering Ahsha the month of February (Jelena's month, the most popular and only individual spread on the calendar) in hopes that she fails. Olivia goes on a Mia man-hunt and finds that Mia was an escort. We also learned that Sloane left the Devil Girls after she found out that Pete was cheating on her with Olivia; her bestfriend right when she found out she was pregnant with Ahsha. 
05 Keep Away June 24, 2013
While Ahsha demands answers from her mother, Sloane, the Devil Girls perform at the Santa Monica Pier. Jelena attempts to create a powerful and a destructive love triangle. 
06 Lights Out July 1, 2013
The lights go out in the Devil's Stadium. Ahsha is trapped in an elevator with Derek; Pete tells Raquel a secret; Jelena encounters someone from her past.
07 Moving Screen July 8, 2013
Ahsha is a rising star; Kyle engages in non-sanctioned Devil Girl behavior; Raquel is thrown a curve ball; Jelena learns upsetting news about Terrence; Gerrman confronts Derek. 
08 Fast Break July 15, 2013
Jelena and Terrence discuss the trade. Olivia pulls Jelena off Choreography because she isn't stable. Jesse has a confrontation with Pete. The Dream needs  Devil Girl to be in one of his videos. Oscar and Kyle make a deal. Mia comes to Sloane's house looking for something or someone. Ahsha and Derek have a confrontation.
09 Benched July 22, 2013
Terrence finds himself in trouble with Coach Davenport. German and Ahsha suffer a setback. Kyle hooks up with a fan who might have ulterior motives. Olivia advises Ahsha to reveal more of herself to battle Jelena. Ahsha catches Sloane in acompromising position. Raquel takes on Jesse. Terrence makes plans to surprise Jelena.
10 Turnover July 29, 2013

Season TwoEdit

# Title Airdate
01 Game Changer May 28, 2014
Now an all-star, Ahsha's new found relationship with Derek heats up. Jelena has differences with the newly hired Sloane; Pete's estranged wife arrives; and the Devils break ground on a new arena.
02 "Passing June 2, 2014
After overhearing a conversation between Pete and Sloane, Jelena discovers that Pete is actually Ahsha's father.
03 Behind the Back June 9, 2014
Sloane learns a stunning development in the investigation of Olivia's murder. Meanwhile, Jelena is set on getting back at Ahsha; Terrence makes a huge decision that may affect his career; Jude and Zero join forces for a scheme; and the true motives of Lionel, Pete's ex wife, are revealed.
04 Full-Court Press June 16, 2014
Ahsha's position with the Devil Girls is in jeopardy after a photographer sells pictures of she and Derek to TMZ. Elsewhere, Jelena falls victim to her own schemes.
05 Shattered Glass June 23, 2014
Jelena and Kyle must face visitors from their past. Ahsha faces the harsh reality of being a professional athlete's girlfriend and Sloane attempts to recruit a new ally in her plot.
06 Blow Out June 30, 2014
elena takes a shot at Sloane. Derek & Terrence relationship fall through the cracks. Lionel's advances are well received by Pete.
07 Isolation July 7, 2014
Kyle receives a special gift.Derek's roast proves to be disastrous for him & Ahsha.Jelena decides to benefit from Sloane absence.
08 Playing Dirty July 14, 2014
09 Unguarded July 21, 2014
10 Steal July 28, 2014
11 Sudden Death August 4, 2014
12 Winner Takes All August 11, 2014