Teddy Reynolds
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Season(s) 1
First seen Game On
Last seen Game On
Appeared in 1 episodes (see below)
Mentioned in
Biographical Information
Title(s) Millionaire
Physical Information
Status Alive
Age 20s to Early 30s
Gender Male
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Skin Color Tan
Familial Information
Occupation None
Home Los Angeles, California
Portrayed By
Actor Stephen Colletti

Teddy Reynolds is a guest star on Hit The Floor. The only episode he is in is Game On. His father and grandfather but did amazing things but he has done nothing.


He seems like a groupie. He is inexperienced and naive and amazed with famous people. He can be easily used.


In the Game On in the Devil's playground Kyle sees him and realizes he is page 13 in her binder. She then approaches him and flirts. Later they hook up in the Devil Player's locker room. The next day he buys Kyle a car. He isn't seen again after that.