Terrence Wall
Season(s) 1 2
First seen Pilot
Last seen Lights Out
Appeared in 6 episodes (see below)
Mentioned in
Biographical Information
Title(s) Basketball Player
Physical Information
Status Alive
Age 20s
Gender Male
Hair Color Shaved (brown)
Eye Color Brown
Skin Color Brown
Familial Information
Occupation L.A. Basketball team
Home Los Angeles, California
Loyalty Devils
Portrayed By
Actor Robert Christopher Riley

Terrence Wall is a major character in the first season of Hit the Floor. He is apart of the L.A. Devils and is played by Robert Christopher Riley and debuts in "Pilot".


Devil baller Terrence acts like the star player that he is, coming in to watch some of the Devil Girl auditions with his entourage amid considerable fanfare. He and Jelena have a hot and heavy relationship, making them king and queen of this world.